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MedCare Credit is an industry leader in financing, in providing funding for hospitals and surgery centers exclusively. Because we are a direct lender, we can authorize and fund procedures for medical providers quickly without the pitfalls that you may have experienced using those other financing operations who do not specialize in medical space exclusively or not capitalized adequately. Our in-depth understanding of the unique environment is one of the greatest assets that brokers have at their disposal. This is why so many have chosen to make us their financing partner. We are currently seeking partnerships with all types of brokers and legal teams, in many different territories and with access to medical providers. We want to discuss these opportunities with you, and bring a level of commitment to your business and clients that you have never seen before. Contact us today to find out more.

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Patient fills out simple MedCare Credit request.

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MedCare Credit underwrites and authorizes the case.

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MedCare Credit sends payment directly to provider.

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Provider provides care.

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